I welcome you to the School of Liberal Studies (SLS), Yaba College of Technology. Our vision is to be a versatile School in Yaba College of Technology that grooms and produces professional, entrepreneurial and technologically inclined graduates whose orientation and expertise will provide the needed support for the growth and development of Nigeria and Sub-
Saharan Africa at large.

Our mission is to groom young and intelligent minds irrespective of race, ethnicity, religious or socio economic background, who will be academically and professionally competent and responsive to the demands of national development. Since 2004 when SLS evolved from the former School of Management and Business Studies (SMBS), where it was then known as General Studies Department, we now pride ourselves as a fully independent and multidisciplinary School that shelters the Department of Social Sciences, Mass Communication, Languages & Information Science.

The mandate of the School is driven by a cream of cerebral and dedicated staff. From Management to Academic and Non-Academic Personnel, we are connected by an unwavering passion to set the right standards in character and learning across disciplines. To this end, the School boasts of highly qualified Lecturers replete with competencies and specialization that
serve not only the Departments within but a plethora of other Departments across College. Lecturers are posted from SLS to give mandatory and complementary lectures in other School/Departments to enable students meet basic requirements for graduation in their various professions. This is why all the students in the College are said to be students of School of Liberal Studies without prejudice to the fact that they graduate, in addition to their core area of study, with a certain degree of competence in various professions and disciplines.

SLS since its creation has continued to be the mother and umbrella of all Schools and Departments as it was christened the General Studies Department. In addition to the service orientation, the SLS is the home to the Mass Communication Department where students are trained by highly experiences journalists, broadcasters, editors, communicators and press veterans. The Department is in the process of establishing a demonstration student-radio station.

We cannot tell you how proud we are to have you look into our School. Our Team of resource personnel is available on office hours and online to discuss academic options with you. Feel free to drop a message via all our communication platforms and we will gladly revert back to you.
Looking forward to having you enjoy the SLS experience with us.
See you soon!

Dean, School of Liberal Studies